Toffee apples are a great idea for the local school fair or your kids birthday party.

Toast the raisin bread until just golden and top each piece with a slice of brie and pear and place it back in the oven until the brie just starts to melt and pears are a little tender.

This delicious blend of spices, apple and orange will have hearts, souls and the atmosphere warmed in no time!

A sweet pear on creamy baked cheese will have guests coming back for more. Serve with sliced baguette, crisp breads or flatbreads.

Soft cooked pears and fresh berries give this salad tons of interesting texture and make a refreshing dessert or snack.

Beautifully baked pears with cinnamon crumble to make a sweet end to a meal.

Apple crumble is such a classic and everyone has a favourite. Try our version of apple crumble with berries and port.

This is a tasty cake that stores well and is quite easy to make.

With a large abundance of apples on hand all year round, here is a recipe that is tender and has a delicate apple flavour.

Tips & Ideas

Expecting Guests?

Slice up a fresh NELSON FRESH apple horizontally and a NELSON FRESH pear vertically and add it to a selection of cheeses, grapes, crackers and relishes.  Not only is it healthy but creates a Masterchef look on your cheese board!

Or try slices of creamy cambert cheese inbetween a crunchy NELSON FRESH apple.