The Champion™ apple is highly coloured with a deep red tone. It has a very juicy, crisp texture with a refreshing, slightly tangy taste which it has inherited from the Braeburn.

Nutritional Value

Apples contain no cholesterol and a small amount of boron, sodium and vitamin A and C. They also offer potassium and pectin. An average-size apple contains about 80 calories.


The Champion™ is a fantastic eating apple. It stores well and therefore tends to always be crisp, crunchy and fresh! Perfect for school lunch boxes or added to the picnic basket. The Champion™ is also a great dessert apple, makes wonderful pies, crumbles, shortcakes, sauces and many other cooking alternatives.


Available from April to December. It stored in a controlled atmosphere (CA) for the latter months of its availability.


This apple is a cross between Red Braeburn and Red Delicious. Champion™ was founded and grown in Nelson and is currently being tested for market acceptance and has had a very positive response. One group of sellers said “it was the best apple they had all year” (2012). Sold exclusively by Echodale Marketing Ltd.

Available in:

  • 18kg tray pack
  • 18kg crates
  • 1.5kg pre-packed bags